Yongoo Introduces LED Industry’s First Fast Cure Conductive Adhesives

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Electrically conductive adhesives have been used for die attach applications in LED packaging industry for tens of years. In comparison to semiconductor packaging, LED packaging deals with much smaller chips and much higher UPH, so there is a more pressing need in LED packaging industry to move to a fully automated process to improve its manufacturing efficiency and reduce yield loss.  However, while some semiconductor companies have implemented automated processes with fast cure die attach adhesives, most LED packaging companies continue using box ovens to cure die attach adhesives which may require more than 2 hours to cure. Why?





One of the most important factors is the challenge to develop a fast cure electrically conductive adhesive for LED die attach. To improve UPH, pin transfer processes are widely used in LED packaging instead of the dispensing process commonly used in semiconductor packaging.  Pin transfer process places more stringent requirements on adhesive rheological properties.  Reactive diluents or solvents commonly used in die attach adhesives must be carefully chosen to meet these requirements. For box oven cured adhesives, one can used high boiling temperature solvents as there will be enough time for the solvents to evaporate during the long curing cycle. However, it is much harder to find suitable diluents or solvents for fast cure LED adhesives.


Another challenge is LED customers’ high desire for long work life.  However, an adhesive’s open time or work life often has an inverse relationship with its cure speed (see figure below).  To develop fast cure LED adhesives, one must find the suitable epoxy hardeners and carefully balance the ratio between epoxy resins and the hardeners.






After years of trials and errors and by levying its experience on die attach adhesives for semiconductor packaging, Yongoo has successfully developed the industry’s first fast cure conductive LED adhesive, Y-Bond S502S2A. This breakthrough product not only meets customers’ requirements on workability and cure speed, but also demonstrates higher adhesion strengths in both room temperature and high temperature than the slow curing LED adhesives offered by Japanese company K. Along with Yong’s fast cure non-conductive LED adhesives, S502S2A will move LED packaging industry to a fully automated process.


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