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Innovative LED display technology is no longer a new idea in the industry with more and more Micro/Mini LED display products exhibited at major international events in the past two years. However, there are still several challenging bottlenecks within Micro LED and Mini-LED manufacture process that block the way to product commercialization. Therefore, it is expected that more industry players joining the market will help to advance solutions for achieving technology breakthroughs.





In the new era of displays, Mini-LED with its features of high brightness, high contrast, fast refresh rate and wide color gamut, opens up a new direction for the display industry. Mini-LED, compared to OLED, has more advantages in high-end applications such as IT and automotive display.  However, despite that Mini-LED products are entering the market, their manufacture cost is still a big issue and prevents the technology to join the mainstream market.





Most LED display players agree that the manufacturing cost of Mini-LED can be drastically reduced with fully automated production. To cope with this trend, Yongoo has developed the industry’s first series of fast cure die attach adhesives, including electrically conductive adhesive S502S2A, and non-conductive adhesives S207J and S209F.  Not only can these adhesives enable automation of LED packaging, but also they have demonstrated the following desired features

  • High adhesion at room temperature and high temperature which may result in higher reliability for Mini-LED
  • Excellent workability to meet the requirements of high UPH and accuracy
  • Long work life to reduce material waste and improve equipment utilization





 For the last 14 years, Yongoo has been devoted to developing innovative solutions for LED industry. We are partnering with leading companies in LED packaging to drive the automation of LED display production and drastically reduce the manufacturing cost.  


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