Yongoo Technology Co., Ltd. Moved into New Facility

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Yongoo Technology Co., Ltd, one of China’s leading electronic adhesive manufacturers announces moving to its newly constructed, state-of-the-art facility.


This new, 24,000-sq. meter facility is located in Beihu Technology Development Zone, Changchun, Jilin Province. Yongoo started its construction in 2017 and completed the project in June 2020. This brand-new facility consists of two buildings, a 20,200-sq. meter manufacturing building and a 4,000-sq. meter R&D and office building.


“We are extremely proud to move into our new building. This modern facility will allow us to continue delivering highly innovative products and quality service to our customers and provide an improved work environment to our employees,” says Dr. Bing Wu, General Manager of Yongoo.


The expansion was fueled by Yongoo’s fast growth over the last decade, necessitating larger space for employees and for more streamlined production flow. The newly constructed factory will accommodate leading-edge manufacturing technologies, lean equipment layout and automated workflow, resulting in increased efficiency and better overall customer satisfaction. The spacious R&D lab will host more application and testing equipment, support Yongoo’s strategic direction to expand its business. Modern design throughout the building will further enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction.


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