Yongoo Showcased New Products at SEMICON China 2021

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Semicon China is an international trade fair for semiconductor technology, which takes place once a year in Shanghai. Since its establishment in 1988, it has developed into the largest and most comprehensive exhibitions for the semiconductor industry in China, which maps the entire value chain starting with the design over development to the finished product. On March 17-19, Yongoo Technology Showcased its new products at Semicon China 2021.



Y-Bond S280 series of Ag sintering paste are 100% Ag sintering products used in semiconductor packaging. They can be sintered without pressure and some can be sintered in nitrogen atmosphere. After sintering, these products demonstrate higher adhesion strengths than competitions.



Y-Bond S610D series are die attach adhesives for medium to large die applications. By balancing adhesive modulus at ambient temperature and elevated temperatures, S610D covers a wide range of die sizes with proven reliability performance.



At Semicon China 2021, Yongoo also exhibited its die attach adhesives for BGA, including conductive BGA die attach adhesive S820 and non-conductive BGA die attach adhesive S801. These products demonstrated longer work life and better dispensibility than competition.



It was a highly successful exhibition as we hosted record number of visitors during these three days. Yongoo wants to thank all the customers and partners coming to our booth at Semicon China 2021. We will continue “working harder and working smarter” and developing innovative and reliable products to satisfy our customers.


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