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Company Profile

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Company Profile

Welcome to Yongoo Technology Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Changchun Yongoo Technology Ltd. is China's leading electronic adhesive manufacturer, providing technical solutions to IC packaging, LED packaging, smart card assembly, and camera module assembly with more than 18 product families.

Based in the beautiful city of Changchun, Jilin Province, Yongoo is China's #1 brand in die attach adhesives for semiconductor packaging, and one of the most innovative Chinese companies for electronics materials.

As a member of China's Semiconductor Industry Association, China's National Strategic Alliance of IC Packaging and Testing Technology Innovation, and SEMI,we at Yongoo were humbled to be invited to draft China's first national standards for testing electrically conductive adhesives.

Supported by its strategic partnership with Jilin University and the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Yongoo is known for its prowess in technological innovation. For its remarkable achievement, our company has been praised as an official China High-Tech Enterprise, Above-Scale Industrial Enterprise, one of Changchun's Top 100 Most Innovative Companies, and Changchun's Little Giant of Technological Enterprise, as well as Jilin Province's Little Giant of Technological Enterprise. We also won the first prize at the Sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Jilin Division) and second place at the Sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (New Materials).

Innovation sits chiefly among our essential core values. Our company has already filed 12 patent applications, with one of our granted patents on Modified Acrylate Electrically Conductive Adhesives for Die Attach Applications winning Jilin Province's Best Patent Award.

Here at Yongoo, manufacturing is conducted in high-quality Class 10K clean rooms. To deliver products with consistent quality, we have implemented lean manufacturing and the Six Sigma management system in our operations. Currently, every product released has achieved a CpK rating greater than 1.33. Yongoo also holds IATF16949 and ISO14000 certifications.

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