Founded in 2007, Yongoo Technology Co.,Ltd. is China’s leading electronic adhesive manufacturer, providing innovative solutions to semiconductor packaging, photovoltaic, LED packaging, smart card assembly, and consumer electronic industry. 

Based in the beautiful city of Changchun, Jilin Province, Yongoo’s research center hosts 4 PhD and 14 MSc.  As a member of China’s Semiconductor Industry Association, China’s National Strategic Alliance of IC Packaging and Testing Technology Innovation, and SEMI, Yongoo was invited to draft China’s first national standards for testing electrically conductive adhesives.

Armed with its own resin synthesis capabilities, Yongoo has been the innovator in semiconductor packaging materials, providing customers with novel fast cure acrylate die attach adhesives and silver sintering paste. According to “China Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Industry Report – 2019”, Yongoo ranked #3 in global die attach adhesive market share, only behind Henkel and Hitachi Chemical.



Yongoo Showcased New Products at SEMICON China 2021

Semicon China is an international trade fair for semiconductor technology, which takes place once a year in Shanghai.

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